Fractal dimension in the morphology of tumors

In this paper we presented some aspects of current research on the possible application of new cancers in the study developed in recent years a branch of science ? fractal geometry . There are many definitions of a fractal . Developer of fractal geometry Mandelbrot this term geometric shapes found in nature ( different from the figures of Euclidean geometry ) . There are two types of fractals ? nonstochastic ( not found in nature ) and stochastic occurring widely in nature.

Connections gap and their involvement in apoptosis and carcinogenesis

GAP junctions multicellular organisms are a necessary support member homeostatic control of growth and differentiation of cells. The existence of such a route of communication between the cells remaining in close contact is a prerequisite for the proper functioning of the body. Communication impairment (loss of connection gap) between the cells violates the homeostasis of these cells. The characteristics of cancer cells are abnormal for the control of growth and / or differentiation of these cells.

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