The role of zinc in the modulation of apoptosis

The article presents the current state of knowledge of zinc as a modulator of apoptosis. This important trace element in the form of a bivalent cation has the ability to both the inhibitor and inducer of apoptosis. Contribution of Zn2 + ions in the regulation of programmed cell death is still not fully understood. It is suggested that Zn2 + ions can interact with multiple sites in the cell signaling cascade during apoptosis. Supplementation with zinc acts as an inhibitor of apoptosis, while its removal or low level induces programmed death in many cells.

Caspase vertebrates, their role in apoptosis

Apoptosis or programmed death is a physiological process responsible for normal development and homeostasis of multicellular organisms. This process involves a well-functioning machinery of death, which are the main component of cysteine ​​proteases - caspases family. These enzymes are present in cells in a latent form and become activated during apoptosis induced by various factors. This review summarizes the progress made on structure, mechanism of activation, catalytic properties, are substrates of caspases and regulation of their activity.

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