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DNA damage due to the origin divided into endogenous , linked to the activity of endogenous cellular processes and exogenous . For the cellular processes responsible for changes in the genetic material primarily involve electron transport in the respiratory chain , enzymatic reactions involving oxidases and cytochromes , the redox cycles , inflammatory processes . Interest continues to grow exogenous factors due to the risk associated with their presence in the environment , food, possibility of use in the treatment of cancer and other diseases . DNA damage the cell affect not only by mutations in the DNA , but also can modulate the processes of life. For example, TFIID transcription factor binds to DNA modified by cis- diamminodichloroplatynę activated , resulting in the synthesis of the mRNA is inhibited . Understanding the mechanisms of influence of various factors on DNA , followed by Mobile will allow in the future to better prevent adverse effects resulting from the presence of toxic substances in the environment and will help to improve the treatment not only of cancer.
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