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The term " programmed cell death " or " programmed cell death " (PCD , programmed cell death called ) is determined genetically controlled process of cell death eukaryotic organisms , induced by endogenous or exogenous factors and implemented through the launch of the same cell molecular mechanisms leading to her death . PCD is a broader concept than apoptosis - the death of an animal cell with a distinctive morphotype and internukleosomalnym cutting nDNA , the main determinant biochemical execution phase . Genetic mechanisms of PCD are highly evolutionarily conserved among different groups of animals and the well described at the molecular level roads its implementation. The current question is whether executing PCD plants use the same highly conserved molecular mechanisms of the animal world ? The more important question that, in the sequenced genome of Arabidopsis thaliana genes homologues are not critical for the execution of the death of the animals. Research cytological and molecular aspects of PCD cells, tissues and organs, taking place in accordance with the program of development of higher plants in the vegetative phase and generative , using new research techniques and in the in vitro approach to identify genes controlling PCD processes . PCD is characterized by morphological features that are the result of molecular and structural reorganization of the spatial organization of all compartments of the cell. Cells undergoing PCD , both vegetable animal , differ in organization and it is not surprising that morphotipe PCD all cell types is not the same . Cells and tissues which are subject to the development of PCD angiosperms ? Is aging organs of the plant starts PCD mechanisms ? What is the relationship between the cell cycle and PCD ? Do endoploidyzacja differentiation and plant cells are a prerequisite for entering the path of PCD ? Is mitochondria are the causative element ? Is PCD always leads to a complete annihilation of the plant cell ? Is the PCD in the plant body is mostly used as deleting unnecessary , located in the wrong place , or damaged cells , as defined by many authors ? What is the role of regulators of growth and development in the coordination process within the body of PCD in plants ? These are just some of the questions that require discussion.
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