Volume: 28
Issue: 2

Date of issue: 2001

- 182 pages: 163

TCR/CD3 is a complex of eight subunits that after antigen stimulation initiates a series of biochemical...

- 196 pages: 183

According to the generally accepted principles , it is believed that the gene and its protein product...

- 218 pages: 197

The dominant component of the genome of angiosperms are repetitive sequences, including retroelements....

- 242 pages: 219

Primary human embryonic cells obtained from embryonic blastocysts nodes and a few weeks fetuses....

- 262 pages: 243

In a relatively short period of chromosome replication issues were the focus of oncologists. At the end...

- 276 pages: 263

RAS proteins play a key role in regulating growth and differentiation of cells taking part in the...

- 296 pages: 277

GAP junctions multicellular organisms are a necessary support member homeostatic control of growth and...

Issue: 3

Date of issue: 2001

- 308 pages: 297

In January 2001, held in Lausanne in Switzerland scientific conference entitled "Cancer and the cell...

- 316 pages: 309

In the present article discusses the origin of reactive oxygen species in the semen of mammals and...

- 334 pages: 317

Selective elimination of cells is a prerequisite for the proper conduct of plant development . It plays...


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