Volume: 28
Supplement: 16

Date of issue: 2001

- 14 pages: 5

The classification is based on the cytokine pattern of active proteins and their receptors, and also...

- 22 pages: 15

Acute-phase response induced by infection, tumor growth or injury results in the release of secondary...

- 34 pages: 23

Leptin, the protein product of the ob gene , is produced mainly in adipose tissue and plays an important...

- 42 pages: 35

Late AGEs-AGE-formed through non-enzymatic glycosylation of proteins (Maillard reaction). AGE modify the...

- 60 pages: 43

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are accompanied by living organisms of more than 2 billion years. Since...

Supplement: 18

Date of issue: 2001

- 16 pages: 9

Stimulation of ovulation is a very important step in the whole process of infertility treatment . The...

- 24 pages: 17

The results of infertility treatment by extracorporeal fertilization remain constantly low. Most resorts...

- 32 pages: 25

A review of the genetic aspects of miscarriage in females in the form of : I. disorders kariotypowych...

- 34 pages: 33



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