Volume: 28
Supplement: 18

Date of issue: 2001

- 56 pages: 47

The article presents the results of their research on the secretion of immunoreactive b-endorphin in...

- 68 pages: 57

Prolactin regulates a wide variety of biological processes in the ovary and uterus. Particular variants...

- 76 pages: 69

The paper contains a summary of the original research on the role of catecholamines in the secretory...

- 88 pages: 77

Leptin ? obesity gene product was discovered in 1994. It is synthesized predominantly in the white...

- 100 pages: 95

During puberty the endometrium undergoes cyclic changes morphologically defined as a phase of growth,...

Supplement: 16

Date of issue: 2001

- 62 pages: 61

Part Two:

- 80 pages: 63

This paper presents the responses of different cell types in the sculpture of the substrate and its...

- 96 pages: 81

The article discusses some methods for testing the ability of cancer cells to metastasize. A review of...

- 110 pages: 97

The ability to obtain mass rearing of small stretches of human tissues and modify their behavior in...


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