Volume: 30
Issue: 1

Date of issue: 2003

- 186 pages: 167

A common feature of centromeric DNA studied so far is the presence of tandem arrays , with their...

- 200 pages: 187

Belonging to the endocrine cells of neuroectodermal distributed APUD cells play an important...

- 218 pages: 201

Telomeres are the end portions of chromosomes, among others. protecting them from inappropriate DNA...

Volume: 31
Issue: 1

Date of issue: 2004

- 8 pages: 3

Professor Antoni Horst - an eminent figure in the pathophysiology and genetics of human

- 24 pages: 9

A breakthrough in the study of polar auxin transport proved to be the results obtained through the use...

- 34 pages: 25

Beacon (BC ) is a newly discovered peptide isolated from the hypothalamus piaskówki ( Psammomys obesus...

- 58 pages: 47

Gene therapy can be used in the treatment of many diseases - cancer, AIDS or cardiovascular disorders....

- 80 pages: 71

The effector cells of the immune system are able to recognize the infected cells , transformed , and how...


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