Volume: 26
Supplement: 13

Date of issue: 1999

pages: 1
Aging in terms of cellular
pages: 2
- 22 pages: 3
Free radical damage to DNA nucleobases and their role in aging and the diseases of old age
- 28 pages: 23
The role of antioxidant mechanisms in the aging process. Modelling studies
- 46 pages: 29
Changes in the expression of receptors on the surface of T lymphocytes in the process of human aging
- 56 pages: 47
Selected aspects of the aging male gonad cells
- 68 pages: 57
Age-related modifications in the action of hormones depends on changes in the level of the receptor and...
pages: 69
Mechanisms of cell differentiation and growth in plants
pages: 70
- 82 pages: 71
Stress anisotropy in the cell walls and the effect on the growth rate of auxin shoot and root


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