Volume: 32
Supplement: 23

Date of issue: 2005

- 26 pages: 11
Therapeutic strategies involving the use of stem cells in the clinic aroused great hopes in the medical...
- 40 pages: 27
Fulfilling the vision treatment of many incurable diseases by the use of continuously proliferating and...
- 54 pages: 41
Embryonic stem cells (ZKM) are a promising subject of research for modern science. With the potentially...
- 58 pages: 55
In view of the ethical and moral objections concerning the application for therapeutic purposes embryonic...
- 78 pages: 59
The results of our previous studies in which we used the so-called strategy . chemotactic isolation to...
- 88 pages: 79
Diseases of the cardiovascular system have a wide range of social , are the first cause of mortality among...
- 104 pages: 89
The moral controversy surrounding stem cell research
- 124 pages: 105
Three positions on the cloning of human embryos


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