Targeted relocation of auxin transport proteins and tropic responses of plants

Polar auxin transport , which takes place with the carrier protein , is a unique way to distribute auxin in plant enabling the formation in particular cells or tissues phytohormone concentration gradient . The auxin transport protein involved belong to three families : media PIN (PIN -formed ) , the pump PGP / ABCb ( P-glycoprotein/ATP binding cassette ) and permease AUX1/LAX ( auxina RESISTANT1/LIKE-AUX1 ) . The results of recent studies have confirmed that five of the eight PIN proteins in A. thaliana , functioning as carriers transporting auxin out of the cell .

Auxin receptors

Auxin plant hormones regulate a number of different processes involved in the growth and development of plants. In response to auxin are rapid changes occurring at the level of the cell membrane and changes in gene expression . Understanding the molecular principles of operation of auxin is essential to identify the hormone receptor . The variety of physiological processes regulated by auxin indicates the possibility of the operation of several independent mechanisms of auxin perception .

Auxin - factor in the processes of the communication system over the functional differentiation of a plant cell

Auxin signaling processes are the mechanism for the communication of information about resources , conditions and gradients of environmental factors to the morphogenetic information system coordinating the growth and development of a multicellular organism plants in the expression of developmental genetic programs . The communication system controlled by auxin at different levels of organization of the plant body is conditioned by the polarity of structural cells ( especially in the meristematic tissue ) , which allows transport of the phytohormone bazypetalny .

Polar auxin transport - a breakthrough?

A breakthrough in the study of polar auxin transport proved to be the results obtained through the use of molecular biology techniques - characteristics of the respective mutants , cloning of genes AUX1 and PIN , encoding putative auxin transport carriers that control dokomórkowy and extracellular transport of the hormone. Specific demonstrated by immunocytochemistry , polar location of these proteins in cells, stem and root of Arabidopsis thaliana.

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