Cytokinins, their biochemical activity in the processes of division, aging and apoptosis of human and animal cells

Cytokinins are one of the major groups of plant hormones . They stimulate anabolic processes , growth and cell division . The first was discovered cytokinin kinetin , or N-6 furfuryloadenina . Kinetin is an important component of the metabolic pathway that allows the cell to get rid of excess free radicals. This is in response to oxidative stress . The plant cells in the cytosolic fraction , and microsomal membranes are thylakoid cytokinin binding proteins - CBP ( Cytokinin called Binding Protein ) . Binding of them referred to cytokinin induces a physiological response .

Dynamics of steroid hormone receptors distribution in the ovary

The mature female mammal ovary extends continuously follicular development process, which is an expression of proliferation and differentiation of cells. Gene expression occurs in the ovary in a specific order based on many factors. It is known that some proteins are expressed at a specific stage of follicular development and corpus luteum luteinisation. Hormones regulate many functions are ovarian steroids, so the distribution of the receptors of these hormones is extremely important.

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