Application of protein product of the env gene, gp160, in the immunization against HIV-1 virus

The aim of this article is to present the attempts of immunization against HIV-1 with the use of protein products of the env gene. Newly elaborated techniques allowed replacing traditional vaccination methods, ineffective in case of highly variable HIV-1 virus and investigating alternative solutions such as: immunization with the use of recombinant viruses as vectors or "naked" DNA. The results of these studies are promising and indicate the way to solve this problem.

Glycoprotein 120-mediated cytopathic effects in HIV-1 infection

In this article the mode of infection with HIV-1 virus and the role of glycoprotein 120 (gp120) in this process were described. The gp120 is responsible for a number of phenomena resulting from HIV-1 infection. Against the epitopes of gp120 humoral and cellular responses develop. However, because of a high variability of this protein, caused by mutations, in the process of infection these responses become ineffective. Moreover, gp120, as revealed from numerous studies, causes a decrease in the number of peripheral blood CD4+ T lymphocytes, both infected and uninfected.

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