Volume: 27
Issue: 2

Date of issue: 2000

- 184 pages: 155
A pathway of auxin action, from perception to response, has not been completely defined, as yet. However,...
- 196 pages: 185
In this paper current knowledge state about mitochondrial genome in rye is presented. General description...
- 228 pages: 213
Cytokines play an important role in defining the fate of cells, such as proliferation, differentiation or...
- 246 pages: 229
The knowledge concerning cell surface markers and immunophenotypes of lymphocytes in different animal...
- 260 pages: 247
Endothelial cells play a critical role in blood circulation and hemostasis, in arteriosclerosis,...
- 272 pages: 261
Sister chromatid cohesion is essential for accurate chromosome segregation in the cell cycle. Recently a...
- 286 pages: 273
Neurokinins are a group of peptide compounds occurring in the nervous system of mammals. They are...
Issue: 3

Date of issue: 2000

- 314 pages: 295
In mammalian cells the clathrin coated vesicles participate in receptor mediated internalization, transport...
- 324 pages: 315
Plant cell walls are integral components of living cells, undergoing dynamic changes in response to...


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