Volume: 30
Issue: 1

Date of issue: 2003

- 186 pages: 167
A common feature of centromeric DNA studied so far is the presence of tandem arrays , with their...
- 200 pages: 187
Belonging to the endocrine cells of neuroectodermal distributed APUD cells play an important...
- 218 pages: 201
Telomeres are the end portions of chromosomes, among others. protecting them from inappropriate DNA repair...
Issue: 2

Date of issue: 2003

- 228 pages: 219
Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in the regulation of the body by physiological...
- 242 pages: 229
Triterpenoids are a very large group of compounds and are widely distributed in the plant . Because of the...
- 258 pages: 243
Transcripts of mitochondrial genes before they fully transform into mature mRNA , subject to few...
- 292 pages: 273
Viruses , including poxvirus , are known to possess efficient mechanisms allowing them to escape from the...
- 310 pages: 293
Team Smith Lemli Opitz and ( SLOS , MIM 27400 ) is an autosomal recessive disorder . It is characterized by...
- 324 pages: 311
The importance of the effect of infection with human papilloma virus (HPV) , and the processes of...


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