Volume: 30
Issue: 2

Date of issue: 2003

- 338 pages: 325
Reactive oxygen species ( ROS) , which include superoxide anion ( O2. ) , hydroxyl radical (OH) , hydrogen...
- 358 pages: 339
One method of determining the function of genes is a morphological, cytological and molecular comparative...
- 374 pages: 359
Basics topics: cellular DNA is continuously damaged ; activity of cell cycle checkpoint is a part of the...
- 382 pages: 375
The paper presents the phenomenon of implantation. Discussed the mechanisms of its individual stages:...
- 404 pages: 383
Calcium ions, and calcium binding proteins play a role in many cellular processes. Among the proteins bind...
Issue: 3

Date of issue: 2003

- 418 pages: 405
TNF-a plays a key role in physiological and pathological mechanisms regulating energy metabolism in the...
- 432 pages: 419
Alagille syndrome snake (AGS), a disease inherited in an autosomal dominant, occurs with a frequency of 1:...
- 446 pages: 433
The article shows the interaction between the endosymbiotic rhizobia too and their plant hosts during...
- 460 pages: 447
Jasmonic acid (JA ) and its methyl ester (JA -Me) are the most well-known representative of the new...
- 482 pages: 461
The article presents the mechanism of action of estrogen and their importance for the proper reproduction...


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