Volume: 30
Issue: 4

Date of issue: 2003

- 678 pages: 647
Shortage absorbed by plants inorganic phosphate (Pi) in the environment is a phenomenon often encountered...
- 694 pages: 679
Heterodimeric nuclear receptors: constitutive androstane receptor (CAR), pregnane X receptor and the...
- 706 pages: 695
The infection caused by Helicobacter pylori is an important risk factor for gastric and duodenal ulcer....
- 720 pages: 707
Proteolysis of protein on the cell surface and extracellular matrix proteolysis is a very important process...
- 734 pages: 721
Cerebellin is a relatively new and little-known neuropeptide, built of 16 amino acids. It is now known...
- 744 pages: 735
Metalloproteinases are a group of at least 25 Zn2 + -dependent exopeptidases , whose primary function is to...
- 762 pages: 745
Bone morphogenetic proteins is a pleiotropic cytokine belonging to the superfamily of transforming growth...
pages: 787
The mechanism of action of prolactin in the ovary of sexually mature pigs
Supplement: 21

Date of issue: 2003

- 16 pages: 3
Plasticity nieembrionalnych stem cells is one of the most controversial issues of modern biology and...


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