Volume: 35
Issue: 4
Supplement: 24

Date of issue: 2008

- 15 pages: 3
Flow cytometry is a technique commonly used in the clinic as well as in basic research. This paper gives a...
- 34 pages: 17
Antibodies are protein particles capable of specific antigen binding. Policlonal antibodies comprise of a...
- 44 pages: 35
Immunophenotyping is a significant method for hematooncology diseases diagnosis and treat- ment. The...
- 64 pages: 45
The leukocytes characteristics from peripheral blood and lymph nodes including age-related changes were...
- 102 pages: 65
Modern diagnostics of hematological diseases is a combination of different laboratory techni- ques. Flow...
- 112 pages: 103
The basic indications for immunophenotype assay in diagnosis of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) in...
- 140 pages: 113
Lymphomas are tumors of the lymphatic system, but its cells, mainly lymphocytes constitute morphological...


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