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Selective elimination of cells is a prerequisite for the proper conduct of plant development . It plays an important role in embryogenesis and mature organ homeostasis . In some cases, degradation of the protoplast still allows proper functioning of the components of the tissue. The symptoms described apoptosis was also observed in the animals during the degradation of plant cells and tissue . Despite the similarities in the course of these processes has been postulated that apoptosis is not a form of plant cell death , and then the changes appearing is referred to as apoptosis - like. Autolysis and autophagy processes accompanying genetically programmed cell death , seem to play a significant role in the annihilation of plant cells . This paper presents and is characterized by symptoms associated with the elimination of cells during tissue differentiation and development of higher plants. The main emphasis is on the description of events during the final stages of differentiation of tissues ephemeral and allowing further degradation processes , the proper functioning of cells in the body.

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