Role of MAP kinase in the immune response

MAP kinases , which include three families : the ERK , JNK and p38 , are intracellular signaling pathways by which signals can be received from the biological response of the receptor and a cell, and their activity determines the proper functioning of the immune system. MAP kinases are involved in the activation of the innate defense mechanisms involved in the cytokine production under the influence of signals from TLR receptors , and effector pathways are at the same time , which enable the cell response to cytokines.

Embrion Spatial Differentiation Mechanisms

Te overall body plan of the organism is laid down during oogenesis, and in early embryogenesis. In many types of eggs some specific factors (determinants) are symmetrically deposited within these cells what results thereafter in differential mitoses of embryos. The overall body plan of embryo results from a hierarchy and spatially self-limiting activations of fairly universal classes of genes coding some transcription factors essential for pattern formation in different types of embryos, and from activations of genes controlling the geometry of cleavage.

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