Volume: 27
Issue: 3

Date of issue: 2000

- 342 pages: 325
This article is focused on problems related to application of mice knock-outs used in neurobiology. Diverse...
- 358 pages: 343
The function of mast cells in angioneogenesis is not completely known. Their role in the processes of the...
- 376 pages: 359
Summary. Uniparental disomy (UPD) is the presence, in a diploid individual, of a chromosome pair that...
- 396 pages: 377
The cell cycle is regulated by the activity of cyclin dependent kinases (CDKs) associated with cyclins....
- 424 pages: 397
Isolated aleurone cells and protoplasts of cereal grains are particularly useful model system for studying...
- 464 pages: 441
Glycosylation, consisting in incorporation of single N-acetylglucosamine residues attached by O-linkage to...
Issue: 4

Date of issue: 2000

- 466 pages: 465
In this notebook ...
- 479 pages: 467
Growth of the pollen tube of angiosperms is an important model study of the functioning of the information...
- 504 pages: 481
Protein p27 , belonging to the family of inhibitors of cyclin-dependent kinase called CIP / KIP , is...


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