Volume: 30
Supplement: 21

Date of issue: 2003

- 16 pages: 3
Plasticity nieembrionalnych stem cells is one of the most controversial issues of modern biology and...
- 24 pages: 17
Our group has demonstrated that early skeletal muscle cells (satellite cells) are expressed on the surface...
- 36 pages: 25
Vascular endothelium and the blood cells are derived from mesodermal cells of the common hemangioblastu....
- 48 pages: 37
Human skin is an organ rich in stem cells cultured in vitro form a so-called . holoklony . These cells...
- 84 pages: 73
Neurodegenerative diseases are a heterogeneous group of diseases with different clinical pictures and...
- 96 pages: 85
An important source of vascularized organs and tissues for transplantation are heparinized donor organs (...
- 103 pages: 97
Untangled the intima is a fundamental change in the pathological remodeling of the vessel wall. Studies...
- 114 pages: 103
The aim of this study was to optimize the expansion of cells of the monocyte-macrophage lineage to the...


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